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Lovebox Everyday is an optional paid subscription plan that unlocks premium features and get access to the most powerful personalized Love notes experience.

For $4.99 per month, the “Lovebox Everyday” subscription includes:

This is a completely new service, and a lot of work & responsibility for our team. From now on, we have a dedicated team working on this every day, and we collaborate with artists to provide various and beautiful daily suggestions:

  • photo challenges on various topics;
  • ideas of messages to help you know each other more or to challenge you to do various things in real life for your loved ones;
  • heartfelt ways to send a good night kiss/a good morning from a distance;
  • and so much more to come!

Discover our artists

This month, we are very proud to work with French artist Oriane Lesaffre on the design of all new daily suggestions.

Oriane Lesaffre


Lovebox remains unlimited and free

Lovebox remains unlimited and free. You can still send all the templates we have released so far and we keep adding new free templates throughout the year for special occasions. All features remain free and ad-free and we’ll keep adding new free features (e.g., searching for templates and stickers is coming soon!).

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