The early days

It all started back in 2015 when Jean left for MIT in Boston to research robotics while his fiancee Melodie stayed in France. He wanted to find a way to send his love regardless of the distance, and that’s when Lovebox was born.

The first Lovebox was built in a FabLab, a French makerspace in the Alps. When FabLab’s visitors discovered the Lovebox, they thought this invention could help them stay connected to their family members around the world. That’s when we began thinking about Lovebox as a way to deepen emotional connection within families. Our first users even had to apply by sending us a love letter! Based on their feedback, we redesigned our product (with our wonderful designer Xavier Houy in Paris) and we built 500 Loveboxes for Christmas 2016. Since then, we’ve delivered more than 30,000 Loveboxes in France, Europe, and the United States. More than 100,000 love notes are being exchanged every month all over the world!


We all want to make our loved ones happy, and making others happy brings us joy. But even though we all know how important it is to nurture our relationships, we often struggle to fit it into our everyday life. Research shows that the key to successful relationships is the ratio between negative and positive interactions. There is a magic ratio of 1:5. Every negative interaction should be followed by at least 5 positive interactions.

At Lovebox, we help you care for your relationships seamlessly in everyday life, no matter how busy you are. We started with a messaging device specifically designed to receive love notes from family and friends, delivering real-life emotions. The Lovebox is the ideal gift to show love to your partner, child, parent, grandparents, family members, and your friends.

And now what?

What’s next for Lovebox? We deliver over 100,000 messages of love every month, and are just getting started. Our vision is to deepen emotional connection between loved ones all over the globe, through technology that brings people together and makes them feel happy and loved. We believe the more love there is in the world, the better we all become.

The LoveTeam


The Love Inventor
Co-founder & CEO


The Love Woman
Head of Marketing


The Growth and Love
Chief Marketing Officer


The Happiness Coder
Head of Software


The Happiness Maker
Customer Success


The Love Designer
Junior Designer
Pixel Lovebox

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